MHS Itinerary for Fruit/Concert Week


Itinerary Dec. 10-14m 2018


We are in our final push for the fall season. Time goes so fast… it seems as though we just started band camp in July. Nonetheless, we are in our final eight days of school and this week is busy. Please see the itinerary below for the week. And, if I miss any of you, may your holidays be full of family, love and cheer.


7:50AM           Morning rehearsal/ loading the trailer to move to the Coleman

4:00PM            All MHS Band members are to meet in the J&M parking lot on the North side of the J&M complex. We will be working in the long tan building. Students will need a jacket, but not as bundled up as usual as this room is a bit warmer. Parents, if you are free, we could use your help as well.

8:30PM            Meet in the alley if the Coleman Theatre after the chorus concert to move in for our concert tomorrow evening.



7:00AM           Rehearsal at the Coleman Theatre (Bus will be available at 8:20 for non-drivers)

4:30PM            Uniform check-out

5:30PM            MHS Jazz Band report to Coleman for set-up

5:45                 MHS Jazz Band Warm-up

6:00                 MHS Students arrive, put instruments together and move to the balcony (I need a few parents to volunteer to sit in the balcony, per the Coleman’s request.)

7:00                 Miami Bands Christmas Concert Begins

Concert order… MHS Jazz Band, Beginning Band, WRMS Jazz Band, Concert and Symphonic combined, Miami High School Band to close the concert.


– We will load the trailer immediately following the concert. Uniforms will need to be turned in.

– Uniforms will be worn. Students will not need gloves or shakos.

– MHS Band will warm-up on the stage just prior to their performance.

Thanks, Mrs. Harris


Miami Bands Christmas Concert Info




MIAMI BANDS will be in concert celebrating the holiday season…

… on Tuesday, Dec. 11th

… at the Coleman Theatre

… at 7:00pm


Students will arrive at the following times for preparation…

5:30 MHS Jazz Band Arrives 5:45 MHS Jazz Band warm-up

5:45 WRMS Jazz Band arrives 6:00 WRMS Jazz Band warm-up

6:00 Concert/Symphonic Band arrives 6:15 Concert/ Symphonic Band warm-up

6:15 Beginning Band arrives 6:30 Beginning Band warm-up

6:45 Last minutes preparations

7:00 Concert begins


Students will dress in the following attire:

MHS/ Symphonic and Concert Bands will be in uniforms

…Beginning bands will dress in their best outfits.

  • Girls need to be in a dress or skirt of appropriate length.
  • Boys need to wear nice dress pants and dress shirt and tie or sweater.


We would ask that there be NO…

… Jeans/ shorts

… T-shirts

… Tennis shoes/ flip-flops

PLEASE dress your absolute best!!!!!


High school band will be asked to sit in the balcony but all middle school students will be on the ground level. There will be designated areas for cases. Students will need to bring all of their equipment (instrument, music, reeds, etc.). If they are forgotten after school the students will be responsible to get the band room opened by a janitor.


If a student arrives late there will be points taken off their grade. We run a tight schedule so to not take anymore time than necessary.


THIS PERFORMANCE IS MANDATORY. It will be a large performance grade. The entire concert will last approximately, an hour and 15 minutes. Please plan to stay; it will be an enjoyable evening.


If there are any questions please call.




Toye Harris, Emily Fuller and Austin Morris, Band Directors

Christmas Parade Info for Miami Bands

MIAMI BANDS Christmas Parade Information


Dear 7th and 8th Grade and MHS Band Members and Parents,


Below is the itinerary for the end of the week and Saturday.



3:30- 5:00 All Percussion Sectional at WRMS (MHS and WRMS percussionists)



7:00AM- All Band Mass Rehearsal at WRMS (Mandatory for all members MHS and WRMS)… All WRMS athletes will be excused from practice for this rehearsal. Meet at WRMS. There will be a bus at 8:30 to return non-drivers to MHS.



11:00 MHS Uniform Check-out

12:00 Arrive at WRMS Band room IN FULL UNIFORM

12:30 Leave for Baxter Springs, KS

1:00 Arrive in Baxter an set up for Christmas Parade

2:00 Parade starts

3:30 Approximately the time to leave Baxter

4:00 Arrive back at school, eat rest

5:00 Load buses for Miami Christmas Parade

5:15 Line up for Miami Parade

6:00 Miami Christmas Parade starts

7:30 Approximate time the parade will end. Students will need to be picked up at the end of the parade route.

8:15 Uniform Turn-in at MHS


Other information…

The students will need to be in full uniform when they arrive at noon. They are asked to bring a hanger with their name on it so they can hang up their jacket while we eat. They will also need a Santa hat. It needs to be a plain, red Santa hat, nothing with lights and motors. The students are asked to have the hats in the band room by Thursday so we can make sure that everyone has one. They are asked to put their names inside on a piece of tape or something, so we can help keep track of them.


Lastly, since Mrs. Harris will in Oklahoma City with our All-State Finalist we will need a few extra hands to help use with the day. Needless to say, any help is greatly appreciated. We need a pizza runner, and we need a couple parents to ride each bus for supervision. We may also need the hands of those that are good with quick alterations.


Please contact us at the school or through email or the remind messaging system.


If there are any questions or problems, please let us know.




Austin Morris and Emily Fuller, WRMS Band Directors

WRMS Uniform and Shoe Information


504 Goodrich Blvd. Miami, OK 74354

(918) 542-5588


Dear Symphonic and Concert Band Parent’s,


The band uniforms will go home Friday or Monday after Thanksgiving, and here are some things you need to know…

…First, have your child put on the uniform for you and check the hems in the arms and pants. The sleeves should rest right at the top of the knuckle with arms down to the side. The pants should rest right on top of the shoe with little or NO break in the crease when standing straight with feet together. Please make whatever adjustments necessary, DO NOT CUT the fabric. If there are buttons missing I have those in the band room, just email me or have your child talk to me.

…If you are sewing challenged as we are, we have some people who have volunteered to help get those hems done but the uniform has to come to the band room so we can get the uniform to the right people.


…Band shoes have been ordered and they cost $32. Please send the money for the shoes ASAP so we can get that taken care of.


… All student will need a plain red and white Santa Hat. We would ask that they bring them, labeled on Thursday, Nov. 30th so we know that everyone is taken care of where Santa hats are concerned.


… We will also need a band parent to pick up the pizzas for WRMS students and set up for dinner at the WRMS cafeteria. Please contact us if you are willing to help in this way.


…The holiday season is fast approaching which means, Christmas Parades the first Saturday in December, and our Christmas concert on Dec 11th at the Coleman. Please check your calendars and make plans to attend.


…The Christmas Parades will be as we have always done, Baxter Springs and then Miami. We will feed the middle school students between the parades at the middle school and will ask them to bring $3 each the Wednesday before the parade. We will need parents to help me that day. Mrs. Harris takes our All-State finalists to OKC that day so any extra adult assistance is much appreciated. Please contact us if you are available.


Have a great Thanksgiving break break.


Toye Harris, Emily Fuller and Mr. Morris, Band Directors

Veterans Performances Information

Week #12- Veteran’s Day Parade and Veteran’s Assembly



6:50AM Rehearsal

8:30AM Load Trailer for Parade on Sunday



12:45PM- Uniform Check-out/get to baseball field behind O’Reilly

1:15PM- Warm-up/ In full uniform in baseball field parking lot

1:30PM- Line-up for Veteran’s Day Parade

2:00PM- Parade Begins

3:00PM- Load trailer/ head to band room to turn in uniforms and unload trailer

3:30PM- Set-up in gym for Monday’s Assembly



6:50AM- Rehearsal for Veteran’s Assembly

8:40AM- Uniform Check-out/ dress and be ready for assembly

9:25AM- Practice with Choir

10:00AM- Seating for Assembly

10:15AM- Assembly will begin

11:15AM- Turn-in Uniforms/ re-set the band room


All students will participate in all activities listed above.

Please be on time.

Practice your parts.

Have a great weekend… See you Sunday!

Week #11- Steve Owens Presentation/Bristow/ Honor Band Auditions

Week #11- Steve Owens Presentation/ Bristow Football Game and HS Honor Band Try-outs



6:50AM Rehearsal

Encore Assembly…. Jazz Band Debut prior to pep assembly

3:05PM Load Trailers



6:30AM Rehearsal at NEO Field

8:30AM Return to MHS

3:05PM Uniform Check-out

3:45PM @ NEO stadium for set-up/ unload and warm-up

4:20PM Warm-up

4:50PM Set-up for the Steve Owens Heisman Ceremony

5:00PM Ceremony Begins/ Band opens with the Fight Song

5:45PM End of Ceremony/ Performance of Boomer Sooner

6:00PM Final Set-up for game

6:10PM Move down the alley for the Dawg Walk (starting at the front gate)

6:20PM Dawg Walk in the stadium (south to north)

6:30PM Senior pass off their instruments and meet parents on east sideline

Band will set-up on the sideline for the entry for the National Anthem as soon as seniors finish

7:00PM Game Begins

HALFTIME PERFORMANCE (Senior Night Shoe Ceremony)

3rd Quarter Band will be fed by ACTIVE Church

9:30PM Load/ Uniform Check-in/ Unload trailers


Saturday: HS Honor Band Auditions at Broken Arrow HS

6:20AM Meet at MHS Band Room

6:30AM Depart for Broken Arrow

8:00AM Director’s Meeting/ Students find rooms and get audition times

9:00AM Auditions will begin

3:00PM Depart for MHS

4:30PM Arrive at MHS


Other information for the weekend:

– Friday… students wear blue shirts

– Students will not participate in the tailgate due to performance responsibilities.  They will be fed during the 3rd quarter

– Friday will be our final performance of BENT and it is senior night

– Saturday… Honor Band students dress comfortable, eat light and bring money to eat in the concession stand in the warm-up building.


If there are any questions, please contact me.

Mrs. Harris

Week #10- Cleveland Game/ Neewollah

WEEK #10- Cleveland Football/ Neewollah Marching Festival



6:50AM- Morning rehearsal and weekend prep

3:05PM- Uniform Check-out/ Load trailers/ prep for game (Blue shirts for the game)

4:00PM- Take Roll/ Final Instructions for the evening

4:15PM- Board Buses

4:30PM- Depart for Cleveland

6:30PM- Arrive at Stadium/ Unload/ dress (THIS HAS TO BE FAST)

7:00PM- Game Begins


9:45PM- Load Trailer

10:30PM- Depart for Miami

12:30PM- Arrive at MHS (uniform turn in to you chair/ no unloading)



6:30AM- Arrive at MHS band room (breakfast will be served) BENT Shirts and shorts for the day

6:45AM- Load last minute items and check equipment

7:00AM- Roll Call/ Instructions for the day

7:15AM- Board Buses

7:30AM- Depart for Independence, KS

9:00AM- Arrive at Independence Middle School/ assemble and warm-up for parade

10:00AM- Move to parade staging area (#3)…. (16th band in the parade)

11:00AM- Parade Begins

11:30AM- Approximate time the band steps off for the parade

12:30PM- Meet Buses/ Load and move to Riverside Park for marching contest

1:15PM- Lunch (light lunch… sandwiches, chips fruit etc.)

2:00PM- In full uniform (stretch and breathing gym)

2:30PM- Official Warm-up time

2:50PM- Transition to Stadium

3:00PM- Official Performance

3:15PM- Transition back to buses/ change out of uniform/ pack-up for the day

4:15PM- Dinner is served (John Weedn Special)

5:00PM- Watch bands/ enjoy the park

6:30PM- In stadium on track as a group

7:15PM- Drum Majors dressed and at the stadium

7:30PM- Awards Ceremony

8:30PM- Depart for Miami

10:00PM- Arrive at MHS Band Room/ unload/ uniform check-in


Other information for the weekend:

– Dress for the weekend… Blue Band shirts for Friday Night/ BENT Shirts and Shorts for Saturday


– Hydration System needs to be put in place on Wednesday evening. Weather is supposed to be beautiful for the weekend.


– Parade is located downtown Independence, KS

– Marching Contest will be held at Shulthis Stadium, Riverside Park

– We are in need of parent help, as well as band aides

– There are souvenirs that can be purchased is the students want to buy t-shirts they run from $15-18 depending on size.


If you questions, please contact me.


Thanks, Mrs. Harris

Week #9- Oologah Game

Week #9- Oologah Game


Game is on Thursday and is a home game.



3:00- Uniform Check-out/ load equipment

4:30- Report to Neo in full uniform/ unload and set-up in the stadium

5:15- Warm-up in stadium

5:45- Move out of stadium to prep for Dog Walk

6:00- Dog Walk

6:10- Enjoy the tailgate

6:30- Reassemble for Pre-game

6:40- Re-enter stadium

6:50- National Anthem/ Tunnel

7:00- Game Begins


9:30- Load trailers/ head to band room, turn in uniforms and unload trailers


Enjoy the rest of your Fall Break. Band will meet 6:50 after Fall Break. Its Neewollah Week!!!


Other info…

– Please wear blue shirt under uniform

– Parents are needed for tailgate


Any questions, please contact me via Remind or Wardog Band Facebook. My cell phone is down.



Mrs. Harris

Pryor Contest Itinerary

WEEK #8- OSSAA Regional Marching Contest/ Pryor Contest



Wednesday– 6:50AM – Rehearsal Final cleaning on Mvt. 4, marching drill and music


Thursday– 6:50AM- Rehearsal; prep for OSSAA contest (gone all day)


Friday– 6:50 rehearsal at MHS Band Room


We will not be attending Friday’s game at Tulsa McLain

3:30-5:30 rehearsal and contest prep for Saturday at Pryor



6:45am Report to MHS Band room (please make sure you eat a good breakfast)

Uniform check-out/ load trucks and trailers/ prep for the day

7:45am Roll call/ instructions for the day

7:55am Load buses

8:00am Depart of Pryor High School football stadium

9:00am Unload and assemble equipment/ move cases to bus seats etc.

9:30am Stretch Block and Breathing Gym

9:45am Put uniforms on and ready for performance

10:05am Assemble as a group for final comments before warm-up

10:25am Official Warm-up (Warm-up area 3)

11:05am Move to Field for performance

11:15am Official Performance

12:00pm Lunch (Menu TBD)

1:00pm Watch Bands

4:15pm Prelim Awards (Announcement of finalist bands)

4:30pm Finalist Bands Directors meeting

Depending on finalist placement will determine the remainder of the day.

6:00pm Finals begins

9:30pm Massing of the Bands/ Awards Ceremony

10:30pm Depart for Miami

11:30 return to MHS/ Unload/ turn-in uniforms etc.


Other Information:

Saturday dress is Bent Shirts and Black band shorts


Hydration Plan should be activated on Wednesday thru the remaining part of the week.


Eligibility does again apply. So those ineligible will need to play for one of the directors on Monday to recoup the weekend grades that will be given.


Parent help is much needed and always appreciated. Please get with Dawn Compton on how you can help this week.


Let’s have another great weekend. EWP!!!