MHS and Symphonic Band Regarding Pryor Contest

MHS and WRMS Symphonic Band Students and Parents,


Due to my present situation, which is not in my control, we will not be attending the Pryor Contest on Friday. If I am able to return on Thursday, I feel that it is in our best interest to just stay home and work. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to me via email or Remind.



Mrs. Harris

Junior High Audition info

Here goes…

Charles Page HS address: 500 N Adams-Sand Springs, OK
Rather than audition times, we opted for randomly assigned audition order #’s to minimize wasted time waiting for no-shows
These will be posted in the warm-up area (practice gym). If you’re judging, please avoid the area.
Please tell your students that there will be no draw at the audition rooms. They should just check the posting in the gym.
For those students who do need to audition early to make other valid commitments, the room monitors will know to send them in first.
Please encourage your kids to be judicious in taking advantage of this accommodation. Simply not wanting to hang around and wait for one’s audition is not a good reason and it wouldn’t be fair to the others.
There is a directors’ meeting at 8:15am in Room 405 to go over tabulation via chromebooks.
Auditions begin at 9:00am.
Posting of results will be in the South Lobby of the school.
Our boosters will operate a concession in the cafeteria.
Audition rooms are as follows….

303 7th Flute
305 8/9 Flute Prelim
307 8/9 Flute Finals
502 Double Reeds
317 7th Clarinet
315 8/9 Clarinet Prelim
314 8/9 Clarinet Finals
506 Alto Saxes
500 Bass Clrinet/Contra Clarinet/Tenor Saxes/Bari Saxes
108 7th Trumpet
106 8/9 Trumpet Prelim
104 8/9 Trumpet Finals
101 Horns
213 7th Trombone
212 8/9 Trombone
218 Euphoniums
411 Tubas
Percussion auditions are in our Performing Arts Bldg located in the South end zone of our stadium.
7th Grade on first floor
8/9 Grades on second floor (8/9 perc is prelim/finals model)

We will have lots of signs up directing the kids where to go. The map of the school that we have is not that helpful and is usually confusing to kids. Please tell your kids who have prelim rooms to stay and wait for the monitor to give them a pass ticket for the finals room.

7th-9th Grade Honor Band Audition Info

MIAMI BANDS – Junior High Honor Band Audition Information


Dear 7th, 8th and 9th Grade Honor Band Students,


This letter contains the itinerary and information you will need for Saturday. Please make sure that you share this with your parents so that they have you in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment.

Saturday, January 28th, is our NBDA Junior High Honor Band Auditions. The auditions will be held in Sand Springs, at Charles Page High School. The address is 500 N. Adams Rd Sand Springs, OK. Parents are welcome to join us for the day. Ms. Downard and I will be fulfilling our district responsibilities as judges. We will need a few parents to help Ms. Evans with assisting students in getting to their audition rooms and just basic supervision. If you are available and planning to go, please send Ms. Downard or me an email, so we know whom to expect.

Itinerary is as follows…

6:00AM – Meet at WRMS (with instrument, music, pencil and items needed for the day)

6:10 – Roll will be taken

6:15 – Load buses with equipment

6:30 – Depart for Charles Page High School

8:00 – Arrive at Charles Page High School

– Students will go to warm-up area and set-up a Miami area for the day

8:15 – Director’s Meeting

8:15 -Student’s go to audition rooms, CHECK IN- Draw your number, mark audition cuts and scale information/ then back to warm-up area to warm-up (8th/9th students help 7th graders) and prepare for auditions

9:00 – Auditions will begin (be at your room at least 3 numbers in front of                                your number)

Once your audition is complete, you just hang, and/or cheer on your fellow band members. Auditions will come to an end around 2:00-3:00 and then we wait for tabulations. We should be loading to depart for Miami between 4:00-5:00.

5:30-6:30 – estimated time buses will return to WRMS for students to be picked up.


– Students do not have to dress up for their audition. The auditions are blind, so judges cannot see students. However, School dress code does apply.

– Students can only play in warm-up area and in their audition room. There is to be no playing in the halls.

– Students cannot speak in the audition room. If there are questions, they should step out of the room and ask the monitor the question, and the monitor will get the answer. This rule is to help keep things anonymous and fair, as students will be attached to a number that the judges don’t see. Students should not share numbers with Ms. Downard or I, if they are auditioning in our room.

– Students are asked to bring money for lunch and snacks. There will be a concession area set up for lunch. If the student prefers to bring their own food and snacks, that is fine too.

– Audition room numbers will be sent out later in the week. Students will have them as soon as we receive them. It will likely be Thursday.

– Please make sure that you rest well the night before, practice hard this week, hydrate Friday in preparation for Saturday and eat breakfast. Please avoid greasy foods and milk products on audition day, prior to your audition.

– There will be a meeting during SWAG on Thursday for all 7th/8th grade students auditioning, in the band room. This meeting is mandatory for all auditioning.


If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Downard or myself.



Toye Harris, Director of Bands

Happy New Year Wardog Bands

Happy New Year Wardog Band Family! I hope to find that your break was one of rest, rejuvenation and full of blessings. We have an exciting semester in front of us and we look forward to another spring full of excellence and making wonderful music together.

This letter comes as just a greeting and to inform you of a few things that are coming up very quickly.

Let me begin with my healing status. I am healing well, just very slowly. I have not yet been released to return to work, as I still am not allowed to bear weight, can’t drive etc. I hope my status will change upon my evaluation on Jan. 11th.

With that being said, you are in good hands as Ms. Downard will be at the helm. This semester, we have a student teacher, Ms. Josie Evans. She is a native of Tiff City and is in her last semester at Missouri State University. She is a saxophone player and we are looking forward to have her with us this semester. So, if you hear a new name at home, this is the case.

January is typically a very busy month in a variety of ways, honor band clinic, JH auditions and OkMEA Music Convention. This week will be pretty quiet, just getting back in the groove. Next week in much the same, however, HS honor band students will be participating in their clinic in Bartlesville, on January 13-14. (Details to come later) The 7-9th grade students that are auditioning for JH honor band should be in the throes of very serious practice, as their honor band auditions will be on Saturday, January 28th at Sand Spring HS. They will have some, but not a ton of rehearsal during school hours, but there will be sign-up times, in 20 minute blocks after school for one on one instruction will all directors. We will do some group rehearsals this week and next for the overall picture, but this is an individual sport, so to speak, in band, and the students will have to put in time to be prepared. We have been very successful for many years in putting students in the bands, but it takes time and effort.

In the classroom, January is a month full of review, technique building, sight reading, selecting contest pieces for the older groups, and a continuation of developing knowledge and skills with the younger groups. MHS band members need to be thinking about their desires of participating in solo and ensemble and getting sighted up for that in the next week or so. 7-9 grade students need to living with honor band, working to perform at their highest level and beginners, just getting better, learning the information and applying it.

I am presently working to find a date for the winter concert and will have that out ASAP.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Toye Harris, Director of Bands

Miami Bands Christmas Concert Info

Dear Wardog Band Family,

Most of Miami High School’s Band students and parents, and the WRMS Band students are aware that I suffered a major injury to my right ankle prior to the beginning of school. Unfortunately, it has grown progressively worse throughout marching season and the fall semester. Due to the weakness in the ankle, I incurred a second injury at our final marching contest that finally forced me to seek treatment. The examination and MRI revealed a major tendon severed on the inside of my ankle, multiple micro-fractures, shredded ligaments and a fracture in the ankle joint which requires reconstructive surgery. As a result of my neglect to seek treatment, the large tendon has begun to atrophy (draw up into my leg) and the doctor doesn’t feel that we can delay surgery. As the atrophy progresses it can complicate the issue. Therefore, I am scheduled for surgery on Thursday, Dec. 8th. Due to the complexity of the procedure, I will not be released to return to school, until after Christmas break. Full recovery is estimated to take 8-12 weeks.

Upon receipt of this news, I felt it would be best to postpone the Christmas concert until the end of January or first of February. I requested permission and received support from both MHS and WRMS administration in making this decision. I have the utmost confidence in Ms. Downard and her abilities. However, due to the magnitude of the Christmas concert as a whole, I do not want to subject her to taking on this monumental task alone. I understand that the Christmas concert is a highly anticipated event each year and I sincerely apologize for having to postpone. The concert date is currently pending, but will be announced as soon as possible.

It has been very difficult for me to admit defeat…but more importantly, I must tend to my own well-being now so that I can continue to be the best I can be for the Miami Band program and the district for years to come.

Thank you for being understanding and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Toye Harris, Director of Bands
Miami Public Schools



Parade Day has finally arrived! This week has been extremely busy and for WRMS students, lots of new equipment and information has been given. Thank you for getting your students to rehearsal this morning. It was productive and very exciting to see the student work so hard to be their very best.
Below you will find the itinerary and necessary information for tomorrow. Please make sure you make note of WRMS and MHS instructions… some of the information is band specific in the flow of the day.

Saturday’s itinerary…

11:15 MHS Band Uniform Check out at MHS Band Room
12:00 ALL BANDS Meet at WRMS Band Room in full uniform (uniform, band shoes, long black socks and a red and white/ plain Santa hat with their name taped to the inside)

12:30 Load trailer with all WRMS equipment
1:00 Leave for Baxter Springs (Parents needed to ride bus- we still need ONE adult to ride 3rd bus)

1:30 Line-up at the Baxter Elementary School
2:00 Parade steps off (Parents needed to walk- still need 4-5 parents for this both MHS and WRMS needed)

3:30 Leave for Miami
4:00 Arrive at WRMS
4:15 Middle School students will eat pizza (NEED 3-4 WRMS parents to help serve)

MHS BAND will be released, upon return for dinner on their own

5:00 WRMS BANDS Load Buses for Miami Baseball Fields behind O’Reilly’s
5:30 Line-up for Parade
6:00 Parade Steps off (Parents needed to walk- still need 4-5 parents for this both MHS and WRMS needed)

When the Miami parade is over, the students will be released to the parents. The parade ends at south 2nd and Main. All students will be responsible for loading the equipment back into the truck prior to release to parents. High School must then return to the High School to check in uniforms.



The students will be required to wear…
Full Uniform, black long socks, black Dinkles (band shoes), red and white Santa hat. (Black thin gloves, black under shirt, and/or long johns or black leggings under bibbers are acceptable and recommended)
If it is raining, the students must have a clear poncho. High School will be issued one with uniform. Middle School must purchase one and bring it with them. There is a chance of rain tomorrow, so please plan accordingly. Please, DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. Be where you are to be, at the appropriate times and if there are weather issues, plans will be made accordingly by Ms. Downard and Administration.

Lastly, I would like to remind you that I, Mrs. Harris, will be leaving for OKC with our high school All-state finalists after school today, and will not be present for the parades, due to split duties in the program. The parade day is a wonderful day, but parent help is vital. It is a tough day due to the magnitude of students and jobs required to get through the day successfully… I did it for 14 years, experience speaks the truth. So, if you are available for even one parade or helping at the beginning or end, etc. Please let Ms. Downard know.

Thank you,
Mrs. Harris

Christmas Parade Info

Christmas Parade Information and Itinerary

Dear MHS and WRMS Band Parents,

I hope to find everyone in good health and ready for the holiday season. This season is a very busy time in the life of our band program. This week kicks off the season with the Christmas Parades in Baxter Springs and Miami, on Dec. 3. Yes, they are on the same day. Let me further explain that Mrs. Harris takes our All-state finalist to Oklahoma City on that day. Therefore, Ms. Downard is alone to take care of the middle school bands and the high school band for the day. Much parent support will be needed Saturday.

Here is Saturday’s itinerary…

11:15 MHS Band Uniform Check out
12:00 Meet at WRMS Band Room
Warm-up and pack up
12:30 Load
1:00 Leave for Baxter Springs (Parents needed to ride bus)
1:30 Line-up time
2:00 Parade steps off (Parents needed to walk)
3:30 Leave for Miami
4:00 Arrive at WRMS
4:15 MS Eat at WRMS (Parents needed to serve)
HS is asked to find dinner on their own
5:00 Load Buses for Miami Baseball Fields
5:30 Line-up for Parade
6:00 Parade Steps off (Parents needed to walk)

When the Miami parade is over, the students will be released to the parents. The parade ends at south 2nd and Main. They will be responsible for getting the equipment back to the truck to be delivered to the band room. High School must then return to the High School to unload the trailer and check in uniforms.

The students will be required to wear…
Full Uniform, black long socks with no markings, black dinkles, red and white santa hat. (Black thin gloves, black under shirt, and/or long johns or black leggings under bibbers are acceptable and recommended)
If it is raining, the students must have a clear poncho. High School will be issued one with uniform. Middle School must purchase one and bring it to the morning meeting.

Dinner info: High School students will be released from WRMS to go eat on their own.
Middle school students will ride the busses back to the WRMS Band Room where pizza will be provided. I ask that you bring a case of water. We will then all reconvene at the Miami Baseball Fields behind O’Reilly’s Auto Parts.

Any parents that will be available to assist on Saturday will be greatly needed and appreciated.

Percussion Sectional Thursday, December 1st at 3:30 – 5:00pm at WRMS Band Room

Morning Rehearsal Friday, December 5th 7:00 – 8:30pm at WRMS Band Room (ALL BAND
MHS/WRMS Symphonic and Concert bands… Mandatory rehearsal)

Saturday: Baxter Springs and Miami Parades

Christmas Concert Thursday, December 15th 7:00pm at the Coleman Theatre.

See you Saturday and thank you for your help in advance!


Toye Harris & Leah Downard

Veteran’s Day Rehearsal and Performance Information (MHS)

Week of Nov. 7-11 Itinerary (Miami High School Band)

Monday-Thursday: 7:00AM rehearsals

Thursday: 3:30pm Set-up band in gym/ load trailer with parade equipment


7:30AM Rehearsal
9:15AM: Uniform Check-out/ Change Clothes
10:00AM: Back in seats/ Final tuning
10:15AM: Prelude Music for Assembly
10:27AM Veteran’s Assembly
11:30AM: reset band room/hang uniforms in chairs
Noon: Back to class
3:08pm: Dress in uniform and head to baseball field behind O’Reilly Auto Parts
4:15pm: Band should be completely assembled and ready for Warm-up
5:00pm: Parade starts
6:00pm: Load trailer/Head back to the HS for uniform check-in and unload trailer

Vinita HS Game and Neewollah

Game #9- Miami @ Vinita/ Neewollah Marching Contest!!!!

Itinerary for the weekend-

7:00AM Rehearsal

7:00AM Rehearsal (Please make sure all band t-shirts and shorts are clean)

5:30PM- WRMS Football Pep Band for those that want to participate. Please let us know Tuesday morning to help with equipment, music etc.

7:00AM Rehearsal
– Make sure you start hydration process for the weekend.

7:00AM Rehearsal

7:00 AM Rehearsal at MHS

4:00- Uniform Check-out/ load trailer (grey band shirts)

4:45- Roll call/ in bibbers, grey shirts and long black socks and band shoes

5:00- Final Instructions for the weekend

6:15- Arrive at Vinita HS/ Prep for game

7:00- Kick-off

Band will NOT be performing at halftime. Our drum major and trumpet soloist will be gone to State Drama competition, as well as a few others.

10:30- Estimate time to arrive back at MHS

*** Immediately following the game, uniforms are to be checked in at band room.

Saturday- CONTEST DAY! Neewollah Parade and Field Competition

*** Student will be in band shorts and SMILE shirts for the day.

*** Please bring sunscreen and use it throughout the day

*** Hydration is a priority… it’s going to be a long day.

6:30 AM- Arrive at MHS Band/ Uniform inventory

7:00- Breakfast will be served

7:15- Board Buses

7:30- Depart for Independence, KS

8:45- Arrive at Independence Middle School/ dress and unload for parade/ hydrate

9:45- Official Parade Performance Call

11:00- Parade Begins/ Miami is the 16th band in the parade/ #60 in parade entry

11:30- Approximate parade step off

12:00- Move back to buses/ hang uniforms and put instruments in cases/ in seats/ hydrate

12:30- Move to Field Competition Area (Riverside Park)

1:00- Lunch will be served (menu… pulled chicken sandwiches)/ Hydrate

2:00- Dress and put together for Warm-up/ hydrate

2:50- Office Field Show Warm-up (Area B)

3:20- Transition to field

3:30- Official Performance

3:45- Move back to trail-buses/ Load trailer/ hang uniforms/ go watch bands/ enjoy the park

4:45- Go watch Bands Sit in stadium or behind the fence… no re-entry to field this year

6:00- Dinner will be served (menu- walking tacos)

7:00- Everyone should be back in the stadium (sitting together)

7:30- Awards

8:15- Back to buses for departure/ load final stuff/ parent check-out

9:00- Depart for Miami

10:30- Estimated arrival time back to MHS/ unload and uniform check-in


– We always need help with meals, water, moving equipment and welcome anyone that has the time.

– There is a charge to get into the gate this year for parents. It is $3 for ages 6 and up. All staff, parents, chaperones, drivers etc. will have wrist bands and must have them to enter the stadium.

– There are also t-shirts of the festival for sale… $15 each (They make great Halloween shirts… at least for me )

Oologah Game Itinerary

Week #8- Oologah Game Info

Tuesday, Oct. 18
3:08- Load Band Trailer for Thursday’s Game

Wednesday, Oct. 19
Enjoy some free time. Much needed and well deserved!!!!!!

Thursday, Oct. 20
Game Day: Oologah vs. Miami (grey shirts)
1:45- Uniform Check-out
2:30- Meet at NEO; Unload trailer; set-up on field (in bibbers and dinkles)
3:00- Rehearsal @ NEO
* Music Rehearsal
*Pre-Game Run Through
* Run Show several times
4:30- Pull off the field/ set-up in stadium/ finish dressing for game
5:15- Exit Stadium for Dog Walk prep
5:30- Line-up for Dog Walk
5:35- Dog Walk (once completed, enjoy tailgate)
6:20- Assemble at band trailer to re-enter the stadium for Pre-Game
6:45- Enter field for National Anthem
7:00- Game Begins
Immediately following the game; load; uniform check-in and unload

Friday- FALL BREAK!!!! Enjoy and be Safe

Monday, Oct. 24 thru Friday Oct. 28
7:00AM Rehearsals in preparation for Neewollah Contest and Veteran’s Day Performance

Saturday, Oct. 29 NEEWOLLAH (details to come later)