Happy New Year Wardog Bands

Happy New Year Wardog Band Family! I hope to find that your break was one of rest, rejuvenation and full of blessings. We have an exciting semester in front of us and we look forward to another spring full of excellence and making wonderful music together.

This letter comes as just a greeting and to inform you of a few things that are coming up very quickly.

Let me begin with my healing status. I am healing well, just very slowly. I have not yet been released to return to work, as I still am not allowed to bear weight, can’t drive etc. I hope my status will change upon my evaluation on Jan. 11th.

With that being said, you are in good hands as Ms. Downard will be at the helm. This semester, we have a student teacher, Ms. Josie Evans. She is a native of Tiff City and is in her last semester at Missouri State University. She is a saxophone player and we are looking forward to have her with us this semester. So, if you hear a new name at home, this is the case.

January is typically a very busy month in a variety of ways, honor band clinic, JH auditions and OkMEA Music Convention. This week will be pretty quiet, just getting back in the groove. Next week in much the same, however, HS honor band students will be participating in their clinic in Bartlesville, on January 13-14. (Details to come later) The 7-9th grade students that are auditioning for JH honor band should be in the throes of very serious practice, as their honor band auditions will be on Saturday, January 28th at Sand Spring HS. They will have some, but not a ton of rehearsal during school hours, but there will be sign-up times, in 20 minute blocks after school for one on one instruction will all directors. We will do some group rehearsals this week and next for the overall picture, but this is an individual sport, so to speak, in band, and the students will have to put in time to be prepared. We have been very successful for many years in putting students in the bands, but it takes time and effort.

In the classroom, January is a month full of review, technique building, sight reading, selecting contest pieces for the older groups, and a continuation of developing knowledge and skills with the younger groups. MHS band members need to be thinking about their desires of participating in solo and ensemble and getting sighted up for that in the next week or so. 7-9 grade students need to living with honor band, working to perform at their highest level and beginners, just getting better, learning the information and applying it.

I am presently working to find a date for the winter concert and will have that out ASAP.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Toye Harris, Director of Bands