7th-9th Grade Honor Band Audition Info

MIAMI BANDS – Junior High Honor Band Audition Information


Dear 7th, 8th and 9th Grade Honor Band Students,


This letter contains the itinerary and information you will need for Saturday. Please make sure that you share this with your parents so that they have you in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment.

Saturday, January 28th, is our NBDA Junior High Honor Band Auditions. The auditions will be held in Sand Springs, at Charles Page High School. The address is 500 N. Adams Rd Sand Springs, OK. Parents are welcome to join us for the day. Ms. Downard and I will be fulfilling our district responsibilities as judges. We will need a few parents to help Ms. Evans with assisting students in getting to their audition rooms and just basic supervision. If you are available and planning to go, please send Ms. Downard or me an email, so we know whom to expect.

Itinerary is as follows…

6:00AM – Meet at WRMS (with instrument, music, pencil and items needed for the day)

6:10 – Roll will be taken

6:15 – Load buses with equipment

6:30 – Depart for Charles Page High School

8:00 – Arrive at Charles Page High School

– Students will go to warm-up area and set-up a Miami area for the day

8:15 – Director’s Meeting

8:15 -Student’s go to audition rooms, CHECK IN- Draw your number, mark audition cuts and scale information/ then back to warm-up area to warm-up (8th/9th students help 7th graders) and prepare for auditions

9:00 – Auditions will begin (be at your room at least 3 numbers in front of                                your number)

Once your audition is complete, you just hang, and/or cheer on your fellow band members. Auditions will come to an end around 2:00-3:00 and then we wait for tabulations. We should be loading to depart for Miami between 4:00-5:00.

5:30-6:30 – estimated time buses will return to WRMS for students to be picked up.


– Students do not have to dress up for their audition. The auditions are blind, so judges cannot see students. However, School dress code does apply.

– Students can only play in warm-up area and in their audition room. There is to be no playing in the halls.

– Students cannot speak in the audition room. If there are questions, they should step out of the room and ask the monitor the question, and the monitor will get the answer. This rule is to help keep things anonymous and fair, as students will be attached to a number that the judges don’t see. Students should not share numbers with Ms. Downard or I, if they are auditioning in our room.

– Students are asked to bring money for lunch and snacks. There will be a concession area set up for lunch. If the student prefers to bring their own food and snacks, that is fine too.

– Audition room numbers will be sent out later in the week. Students will have them as soon as we receive them. It will likely be Thursday.

– Please make sure that you rest well the night before, practice hard this week, hydrate Friday in preparation for Saturday and eat breakfast. Please avoid greasy foods and milk products on audition day, prior to your audition.

– There will be a meeting during SWAG on Thursday for all 7th/8th grade students auditioning, in the band room. This meeting is mandatory for all auditioning.


If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Downard or myself.



Toye Harris, Director of Bands