Junior High Audition info

Here goes…

Charles Page HS address: 500 N Adams-Sand Springs, OK
Rather than audition times, we opted for randomly assigned audition order #’s to minimize wasted time waiting for no-shows
These will be posted in the warm-up area (practice gym). If you’re judging, please avoid the area.
Please tell your students that there will be no draw at the audition rooms. They should just check the posting in the gym.
For those students who do need to audition early to make other valid commitments, the room monitors will know to send them in first.
Please encourage your kids to be judicious in taking advantage of this accommodation. Simply not wanting to hang around and wait for one’s audition is not a good reason and it wouldn’t be fair to the others.
There is a directors’ meeting at 8:15am in Room 405 to go over tabulation via chromebooks.
Auditions begin at 9:00am.
Posting of results will be in the South Lobby of the school.
Our boosters will operate a concession in the cafeteria.
Audition rooms are as follows….

303 7th Flute
305 8/9 Flute Prelim
307 8/9 Flute Finals
502 Double Reeds
317 7th Clarinet
315 8/9 Clarinet Prelim
314 8/9 Clarinet Finals
506 Alto Saxes
500 Bass Clrinet/Contra Clarinet/Tenor Saxes/Bari Saxes
108 7th Trumpet
106 8/9 Trumpet Prelim
104 8/9 Trumpet Finals
101 Horns
213 7th Trombone
212 8/9 Trombone
218 Euphoniums
411 Tubas
Percussion auditions are in our Performing Arts Bldg located in the South end zone of our stadium.
7th Grade on first floor
8/9 Grades on second floor (8/9 perc is prelim/finals model)

We will have lots of signs up directing the kids where to go. The map of the school that we have is not that helpful and is usually confusing to kids. Please tell your kids who have prelim rooms to stay and wait for the monitor to give them a pass ticket for the finals room.