Dear Parents and Students,


I hope to find everyone in good health and ready for the holiday season. This season is a very busy time in the life of our band program. This week kicks off the season with the Baxter Springs and Miami Christmas Parades on Dec. 2.


Here is this week’s itinerary…


Thursday: HS Percussion/ WRMS Percussion Sectional after school at WRMS from 3:30-5:00pm



7:00AM           Rehearsal at WRMS for both WRMS and MHS Bands

8:30                 MHS Students will be dismissed to returned to HS and WRMS                                                       dismissed for 1st hours



11:00               HS Uniform Check out

12:00               Meet at WRMS Band Room

Warm-up and pack up

12:30               Load

1:00                 Leave for Baxter Springs

1:30                 Line-up time

2:00                 Parade steps off

3:30                 Leave for Miami

4:00                 Arrive at WRM

4:15                 Middle School Students will eat at WRMS/ HS at Christian                                                 Fellowship House at NEO

5:00                 Load Buses for the Baseball fields behind O’Reilly’s

5:30                 Line-up for Parade

6:00                 Parade Steps off

7:30                 MS released to parents/HS Students to HS Band room to unload

and turn in uniform.


When the Miami parade is over, the students will be released to the parents. The parade ends at south 2nd and Main right by the Harley Davidson Museum. They will be responsible for loading their equipment back into to be delivered to the band room. Small instruments need to be taken home. Large instruments will be unloaded at the HS immediately following.



The students will be required to wear…


Full uniform. Cleaned and Pressed Jacket and Bibbers, Santa Hat, Long Black socks, Dinkles (band shoes). If uniforms need slight alterations… hems etc. please do not cut fabric. If there are questions, please contact directors prior to alterations.


Dinner info: WRMS will eat pizza at WRMS cafeteria… bring a drink! HS Band will eat at NEO Christian Fellowship Building


Parents: We will need parent assistance in several key areas. We will need parents to walk the parades and ride the busses as chaperones. Parents will need to be at the 12:00.



Christmas Concert is Tuesday, DECEMBER 12th   – 7:00pm at the Coleman Theatre       



See you Saturday, hopefully in mass quantity.





Mrs. Harris and Ms. Fuller



Wardog Band Announcements

Wardog Band Announcements


All band rehearsals will be at 7:00AM until Christmas Break


Monday, Nov. 27th 

– Fruit Orders and Money are due

– Metal Sign Orders and Money are due


Wednesday, Nov. 29th

– Final Trip Balances will be issued to each student/parent


Thursday, Nov. 30th

– Percussion Sectional at WRMS for parade prep 3:30-5:00

– Trip Meeting for all students and parents 6:30pm at MHS Band Room


Friday, Dec. 1st

– 7:00AM Rehearsal at WRMS for parades on Saturday



Saturday, Dec. 2nd

– Baxter Christmas Parade at 2:00/ Miami Christmas Parade at 6:00 (details to follow)


Saturday, Dec. 9th

– Fruit packaging and delivery will take place at J&M Farms (details to follow)


Tuesday, Dec. 12th

– Miami Band Christmas Concert at the Coleman at 7:00pm




MHS Band Members and Parents,

We need you to bring you fruit order forms TOMORROW, Nov. 15th, so that we can check on sale progress. We have product coming for multiple places and we want to make sure that we have the proper semi space for delivery. You will get your order form right back to you, but we need them in the band room tomorrow… non-negotiable.

It would be helpful that, if you have orders that need to be taken, you get that done this evening. We understand many are waiting on the holiday to get to family, but we need a fair assessment, so hit those people you can this evening.

Again, we just need to look at what you have to present, and they need to be in the band room tomorrow morning. You will get it back tomorrow in class.



Mrs. Harris

Veterans Assembly/ Parade Information




7:15AM – Rehearsal at MHS

8:30 – Combined rehearsal with MHS Chorus and MHS Band

9:15 – Uniform check-out and dress (all students will remain in the band room)

10:10 – Back in chairs in the gym for tuning

10:20 – Set for Assembly to start

10:26 – Assembly will begin

11:40 – Take chairs and stands back to band room

Once band room is reset and instruments are put away, you may turn in your uniforms



3:15 – Meet at MHS Band Room for uniform check-out/ load trailer

4:00 – Arrive at baseball field behind O’Reilly’s in full uniform

4:15 – Warm-up and get in parade formation

4:30 – Line up for parade (our number is #12)

5:00 – Parade begins

5:45 – Load trailer/ head back to band room

6:00 – unload trailer and turn in uniforms


– Please make sure your socks are LONG and BLACK

– Please be on time… I’ll trying not to take any more time than necessary

– Performances are mandatory (excluding quiz bowl kids)

– Remember these performances for two of the most important we have all year.

Week #10 info

Week #10- Miami vs. Grove at Grove



7:30AM Rehearsal at MHS Band Room

4:15 Report to MHS Band Room to load and prep to leave for Grove

4:45 Take Roll

5:00 Depart for Grove

5:30 Arrive at Grove

7:00 Game Begins

We will not be performing halftime due to some have time activities Grove will be having.

9:30 Load and Depart for Home

10:00 Arrive and Unload trailer


Students are the wear blue band shirts and jeans for the game. Students not in the proper attire will loose 50% of their participation points for the game.


Dear Wardog Band Members and Parents,

I have been watching the weather very closely for Saturday, and with much deliberation, several conversations with band parents, administration and students, I feel that it would be in our best interest to forgo attending Neewollah this year. The high is predicted at 49 degrees and a low of 29 degrees, with 10-20 mph winds; we have nowhere for the students to get in and out of the weather. Parade line-up is at 10:00, which means standing in below freezing temperatures for over an hour before we march the parade, as the parade does not start until 11:00 and we are the nineteenth band, not entry, in the parade.

I do not feel this is safe for the kids, their instruments, nor is it going to be fun…, which is why we do Neewollah, fun. In the past, we have been able to secure an indoor location to eat and hang while other bands were performing, but this year we are assigned to an open air pavilion and no way to get out of the weather.

Any parents that were signed up to help… Thank you, but your services will not be needed this weekend. Dawn Compton will be in touch with you later for help another time.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.



Mrs. Harris

Itinerary for Catoosa/ Regional Marching Contest





6:50AM – Rehearsal

7:30PM-9:30PM – Rehearsal at NEO (turf time)



6:50AM – Rehearsal at NEO

3:15PM – Uniform Check-out

4:30PM – Set-up at Stadium for game/ Warm-up

5:55PM – Dogwalk

6:30 – Ready to re-enter stadium

6:40 – Re-enter stadium for National Anthem

6:50 – National Anthem

7:00 – Game Begins


STATE MARCHING SHOW PERFORMANCE- Immediately following the game

LOAD/UNLOAD/Turn-in uniforms




PERFORMANCE SITE: Victory Christian High School 7700 South Lewis Ave. Tulsa, OK 74136


7:30AM – Rehearsal

9:00 – Load/ Uniform Check-out/ Prep to leave

9:40 – Roll Call

9:50 – Load Buses

10:00AM- Depart for Victory Christian High School

12:00 – Arrive at Victory Christian High School

12:30 – Lunch (on site… sub sandwiches)

1:09 – Guard State Ensemble Performance

1:50 – In uniform (assemble for instructions)

2:00 – Move to warm-up area

2:05 – Official Warm-up

2:35 – Move to field

2:44 – Official OSSAA State Contest Performance

3:00 – Move into stadium to watch Oologah and Grove

4:00 – Move to buses, change, load etc.

5:00 – Dinner (plans TBA)

6:30 – Driver will return to bring us home

8:00 – Arrive at MHS

WEEK #6 Cascia Hall/ Bixby Tournament of Bands

WEEK #6 Itinerary- Cascia Hall and Bixby Tournament of Bands


FRIDAY: Football at Cascia Hall


3:30 – Uniform Check-out and Load equipment trailer (prop trailer is not going Friday night)

4:15 – Take Roll/ Board Buses/ please be in bibbers, band shoes and long black socks/ blue shirt

4:30 – Depart for Cascia Hall

6:30 – Arrive at Cascia Hall

7:00 – Game Starts

HALFTIME Performance

10:00 – Load trailer

10:30 – Depart for Miami

12:30 – Arrive at Miami (uniforms will be checked in like last week and trailer will stay loaded)


SATURDAY: Bixby Tournament of Bands


8:00 – Rehearsal (physical warm-up)

9:00 – Load Prop Trailer

9:15 – Take Roll/ Load Buses

9:30 – Depart for Bixby

11:30 – Arrive at Bixby HS/ unload/ dress/ assemble trees and move to the entry gate

12:15 – Gather for stretch and instructions

12:30 – Pit moves to warm-up area

12:45 – Official Warm-up Time (area C)

1:35- Leave Warm-up

1:45 – Official Performance Time

2:30 – Lunch

3:30 – In stadium for final prelim bands

4:15 – Bixby Exhibition (YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!)

4:30 – Awards/ Finals Announcements

4:45-6:30 – Dinner Break

7:00 – Finals Begin

Depending on finals placement with determine the remaining schedule. I do believe we will make finals, but it will likely be much like last week.

10:00 – Estimated time for Massing of the bands

11:30 – Depart for Miami

1:30 – Home/ Uniform Check-in



– PLEASE start your hydration system today. Two waters to one Gatorade times 3 a day

– Please wear sunscreen. It’s going to be another beautiful day for marching band

– Please make sure you have all your parts and pieces by tomorrow so you are not scrambling

– We cannot leave equipment. Be accountable!!!!

– Bring a good and focused attitude!!!

– Lunch and dinner will be provided, but there is a concession stand if you would like a snack.



Mrs. Harris

WEEK #5 Itinerary/ Pryor Contest Info

WEEK #5 Miami High School Band Itinerary


Parents and Students,

The remaining portion of this week is extremely busy, so please know the schedule and be in the right places at the right times. Eligibility is in place, and those that are ineligible have been informed of their expectations. And, as a reminder, when we use uniforms, they are to be checked out and CHECKED IN after each event. If the student has to leave in a hurry or from our out of town destination, it is their job to arrange for someone to turn in their uniform. Thanks for your help in this matter.

Following is the itinerary and instructions for the weekend.


THURSDAY, Sept. 28th

6:50AM Rehearsal at MHS

2:00PM Ribs will be arriving. We need parents and a few students to help unload, pack ribs with sauces and prepare ribs for distribution.

3:30PM Ribs Pick-up… at MHS Band Room… ribs will be frozen, so arrangements to deliver should be made for tomorrow, or they need to go directly to your freezer until such time they can be delivered. If student is unable to pick-up, arrangements should be made for someone to pick up their order.

5:00PM- Load band trailers for rehearsal

7:00PM-9:00PM- Under the lights rehearsal at NEO (mandatory for all members)


FRIDAY, Sept. 29th

6:50AM Rehearsal at NEO (6:30 arrival for unloading etc.)

3:15PM Uniform Check-out

4:30 Meet at NEO in band trailer spot (assemble trees and percussion, set-up in stands)

5:50 Dog Walk

6:30 Assemble for National Anthem

6:50 National Anthem

7:00 Game Begins


Immediately after game… load and return to HS to turn in uniforms


SATURDAY, Sept. 30th

Dress is Navy Blue Shorts and Show Shirts… No exceptions!!!!

8:30AM Marching Run thru rehearsal at MHS

9:30 Uniform Check-out

10:30 Depart for Pryor HS Stadium

11:30 Arrive at Pryor Stadium (unload, assemble trees, assemble percussion, dress)

12:45 Assemble for Breathing Gym and final instructions

1:10 Official Warm-up Time

1:50 Travel to performance area

2:00 Official Performance Time

3:00 Lunch (Prepared by the greatest band parents on the planet!)

3:45 Seated back in stadium for awards ceremony/ Drum Major Dressed; Report to gate for Awards Entry

6:00 Finals Begin (we will not know what time we play until after awards ceremony)

9:00 Prepare for massing of the bands

9:30 Massing of the Bands

11:00 Depart for Miami

12:00AM Arrive at Miami, unload and check-in uniforms

Week #4 Itinerary


Sept. 20th, Wednesday
6:50AM Rehearsal at MHS
3:15-5:00 Student lead sectional time

Sept. 21st, Thursday-
6:50AM Rehearsal at MHS
3:15-5:00 Student lead sectional time

Sept. 22nd, Friday
6:50AM Rehearsal at MHS
4:00-7:00PM Rehearsal at MHS (final touches for contest and information for contest workers)

Sept. 23rd, Saturday

6:15AM- All MHS Band members are to meet at MHS Band room to check-out uniforms and then head to NEO Stadium main gate

6:45AM -All MHS Band Members are to meet at NEO Stadium, Main Entrance in Blue band shirts and navy blue shorts

7:00AM Contest duties will begin (if you aren’t working, you need to be watching bands and being a good host. Should I not have to remind you that your behavior all day must be above reproach?)

7:20 First Band Warms up

8:00 Contest Begins

10:00- ALL MHS Band students (Not escorting bands) are to report to band trailer, assemble trees, assemble pit and get into uniform. Those escorting Miller, Adair, Diamond and Riverton are to be in uniform while escorting, which mean dress and get ready before your work time.

11:00- Official Contest Warm-up time

11:40- Official Performance time in the First Annual Miami Music In Motion Marching Contest

12:30- Awards Ceremony- All Miami Students will be in the stands cheering on all the bands